Camara Rauen


Camara currently creates video content for The Mighty.

  • How to Survive Anxiety: At The Grocery Store Video!


    Video featuring Mighty staffer Camara Rauen (myself) sharing 3 tips to conquer anxiety at the grocery store.

    Role: Producer / Editor

  • Things People With Anxiety Do That Others Don't Understand


    Video For The Mighty YouTube & Facebook.

    Description of video: Feelings of guilt to fears of what people outside of us think about our behavior, anxiety can feel debilitating.

    Role: Producer / Editor

  • Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because You're Emotionally Numb


    Video for The Mighty bringing awareness to emotional numbness.

    If you can relate to feeling numb, you’re not alone. We want you to know we see you.

    Role: Producer / Editor

  • "Harmless" Comments That Actually Hurt People With Anxiety


    Video for The Mighty bringing awareness to harmful comments about anxiety.

    It’s important to remember what may seem “harmless” to one person may actually be hurtful to another.

    Role: Producer / Editor

  • Heavy - Music Video


    Assembled crew and Directed video shoot in Los Angeles for the official music video for soul/pop artist Nadia Vaeh’s new single, “Heavy”.

    Role: Director / Co-Editor

  • What 'Brain Fog' Feels Like


    Video for The Mighty Facebook and YouTube channel. Video reposed to create has accumulated over 190,000 views on YouTube.

    Video explains what Brain Fog feels like through a narrated story.

    Role: Producer / Editor

  • Shauna Lay Life Coach


    Promotional video for Bay Area women’s life coach, Shauna Lay. This piece showcases the power of finding your truth and achieving personal growth with the help of a life coach.

    Role: Director / Editor

  • 4th Grade Student on the Spectrum Teaches Classmates About Autism


    Social news video produced for The Mighty about a student named George Jolley who is on The Spectrum and teaches his class about Autism.

    Role: Producer / Editor

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  • Two Faced


    Personal Project to break down women internal judgement of each other.

    In the mists of a walk through the park, three girls’ poetic inner monologues describe their feelings toward themselves and each other.

    Role: Writer / Director / Editor

  • Going Mental


    Musical short film about anxiety and depression in adolescence.

    After transferring to a new school, Shaina attempts to follow the advice of the high school counselor to bottle up her anxieties. But once she meets Dale, a happily depressed student, that idea is challenged by his views and the lyrics of songs they both enjoy.

    Role: Creator / Director / Songwriter

  • Luminescent


    Film about an isolated artistic high school student who gets in trouble for obsessing over the dark side of the moon. He later befriends a mysterious girl in his art class, whose positive outlook on life and the bright side of the moon help him see a new side of art, life and himself.

    Role: Director